Design 10A Backward Inclined Fan

Chicago's Design 10A is a rugged multi-purose centrifugal fan equipped with Backward Inclined wheels suited for harsh duty applications. With heavier blades to resist erosion and corrosion, the Design 10A fan provides reliable operation in contaminated air with minimal maintenance. Similar BI wheels are used in Chicago's SQB fans for alternate duty applications. For clean airstreams, Chicago's airfoil bladed fans are recommended.


Chicago's backward inclined blades are designed to handle corrosive or dusty airstreams. Typical applications include oven circulators, dust collectors, fume exhausters and emission control systems. The Design 10A is also suited for high 800F. The solid steel blades are ideal for custom applied corrosion resistant coatings.

Operating range

Maximum CFM 125,000
Maximum Static Pressure 30" wg
Maximum Temperature 800 degree Celcius
Fan Sizes 22-1/4" to 73"


  • Backward inclined wheel with heavy flat blades that resist corrosion
  • Non-overloading horsepower characteristic
  • Continuously welded heavy steel plate construction
  • AMCA Certified performance
  • Smooth steep pressure curve
  • Spun steel wheel cone optimizes air flow
  • Packaged fans with motor and accessories are run tested, shipped ready to install


  • Punched flanged inlet
  • Housing drain
  • Inlet screen
  • Shaft cooler and guard
  • Spark resistant construction
  • Shaft seal
  • Inlet volume control
  • Companion flanges
  • Horizontal split housing
  • Punched flanged outlet
  • Cleanout door
  • Mounted belt guard
  • Shaft and bearing guard
  • Slip fit inlet
  • Extended grease tube fittings
  • A/9 Mount motor and drive
  • Arrangement 8

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