Design 37 Direct Drive Panel Fan

Before the developement of PowerMate, fan selection was often a compromise between too little and too much - "close enough" was good enough. Now, with hundreds of PowerMate propeller configurations readily available for each fan size, the optimum selection to meet system requirements can be assembled quickly using the stock components. With PowerMate you can quickly and economically match your exact needs. It's like ordering a custom fan without the added expense or long lead time.


To furnish the most efficient fan for a given application, one must first determine the ideal combination of quantity of blades and blade pitch for each of the common mtor speeds. To provide this optimum efficiency, Chicago's PowerMate propellers are available with either 3, 4, 6, 9, or 12 blades set to any of 50 predetermined pitch settings. Of the more than 70,000 possible ratings these combinations provide, only the most efficient selections are matched to available motor speeds and horsepowers for publication in the certified performance tables.

Operating range

Maximum CFM 58,000
Maximum Static Pressure 2" wg
Maximum Temperature 150 degree Celcius
Fan Sizes 13-7/8" to 49-3/32"


  • Efficiencies to 70% using propellers with three to twelve adjustable blades
  • High efficiency airfoil bladed wheel
  • Compact direct drive configuration
  • AMCA Certified for air performance
  • Selections match most efficient propellers to ready available motors
  • Precision molded high-strength blades
  • Heavy steel panel flanged for rigidity


  • Belt guard
  • Wall mounting sleeve
  • Motor guard

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