Packaged Forced Draft

Initially developed 30 years ago for packaged boiler systems, Chicago's Packaged Forced Draft fan has earned a reputation as the industry standard. The PFD is a compact, direct connected, airfoil bladed fan offering exceptional reliability. To afford the highest efficiencies throughout the performance range, there are three wheel diameters available for each fan size. Fan and wheel width can also be varied to obtain maximum performance. For systems design versatility, seven standard discharge positions can be specified in each rotation.


Chicago's Packaged Forced Draft fans are specified by the world's major manufactures of boiler and burner systems. On the typical downdraft boiler installation the fan is mounted directly on top of the burner windbox. Chicago's PFD fans are also used extensively in combustion air, supply air and primary air applications. In addition, they are utilized for liquid agitation and product cooling and drying.

Operating range

Maximum CFM 65,000
Maximum Static Pressure 50" wg
Maximum Temperature 300 degree Celcius
Fan Sizes 2000 to 4412


  • Efficiencies to 82%
  • Steep pressure curve
  • Inlet Volume Controls are ideal for variable volume systems
  • Complete Packaged Fans
  • Non-overloading horsepower curve
  • Excellent turn-down capabilities


  • Inlet volume control
  • Inlet sleeve
  • Access door
  • Outlet damper
  • Shaft seal
  • Shaft bearing and coupling guard
  • Box base
  • Inlet screen
  • Flanged inlet
  • Drain
  • Percent width/ non-standard motor
  • Shaft cooler and guard
  • Bolt-on inlet box
  • Pre-spin inlet box damper

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