Fiber Compactors

Fiber Compactor

Another important product of Draft-air's IWM® is our reliable Compactors. As the name implies, compactors is able to compact the waste or fibers from the system. It is able to filter coarse dust and fibrous waste from the air stream. This continuous process compacts the material and pushes the diaphragm open. The material is discharged into a suitable container or bag. Compactors ensures lower handling and storage cost. Rugged Construction with the most efficient screw and gear function sees our compactors use in

  • Blow room dropping
  • Flat waste of cards
  • Comber waste

Our compactors have a long trouble free life with a smooth drive giving value for money.


  • Separator and compactor in one unit
  • Continuous operation
  • High material and air throughput capacity
  • Sturdy construction
  • No fluctuations in the extraction system

Cyclone Compactors

Cyclone Compactor

Draft-air's IWM® also consists of Cyclone compactor.It collects micro dust from the secondary filter. Draft-air's unique value proposition of providing bag filters ensures the arrest of any trace micro dust prior to rotary filter. Dust is being separated in the cyclone and is continuously discharged through small pipe compactor installed below the cyclone separator.

  • Continuous discharge of micro dust
  • Avoids replacement of bags, which gets filled frequently
  • Because of continuous discharge, there is no backflow / recirculation of micro dust
  • Bag filter to arrest microdust ensures non clogging of rotary filter, increasing its life

Fiber Separator Cum Compactor


Another resolution from Draft-air's IWM® is our Fiber Separator cum Compactor that has been optimized for saving in power and precious space. This is specially designed to discharge waste in a compact form. This is suitable for filtering waste like comber noil, flat strip etc.


  • Eliminates separate compactor and ventilator fan
  • Flexibility of operation
  • Optimum space utilization
  • Lower operating cost
  • Capacity range from 6500 CMH to 24000 CMH with waste capacity up to 150 kg/hr


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