AHU Package Units

Prefabricated Air Washers Units


Large capacity air washers can be provided with prefabricated housing where fast installation is required.The air washer is designed in modular construction which occupies less space. Moreover it is tailor made & hence can be customized as per the requirement.

Air washer plant wall panels are made from PUFF insulated sandwich panels having Pre Coated Galvanised Steel Sheet on both sides. The panels are 40mm thick having 40 ± 2 kg/m³ puff density.

Tongue & groove joint between the panels ensure precise inter locking & provide dimensional accuracy. Panels are supplied in width 1000mm with ribbed finish on both sides for additional strength.

To support the wall panel additional support is provided of galvanized square pipes are bolted to PUFF panels both vertically & horizontally. Complete frame structure is in bolted construction with hot deep galvanized angle. Additional pipes are provided where equipment like dampers, filters etc are installed for grouting purpose.

Air washer tank is made from factory fabricated FRP panels which are assembled at site with reinforced structure.

Tank bottom & side walls will be made from 6mm FRP panels. Side walls of the tank will be additionally supported by steel pipes which will be further coated by FRP lining.

The complete air washer chamber will have FRP walls & FRP roof which will be made from FRP sheets.

Prefabricated Filteration Unit


Draft Air's Integrated Waste Management also consist of the most compact yet reliable & rugged filter unit, combining both primary and secondary filter. Lower pressure drop, improves machine efficiency, low maintenance and flexibility to have the system without civil work.


  • Ready to install anywhere
  • Civil work not required
  • Less maintenance
  • Minimum Pressure drop
  • Space saving due to integrated construction

Air Handling Units


Draft air offers custom designed Air Handling Units (AHUs) in varied capacity and configuration for comfort (commercial applications) as well as process cooling requirements (Industrial applications) for power plant, packaging units, clean room for hospitals, pharmaceutical, processed food applications. They are designed and fabricated for trouble free operations for years to come.

Different types of AHU's can be offered

  • Ceiling Mounted
  • Vertical floor mounted
  • Horizontal floor mounted
  • Double decker

These units can be

  • In single or double skin construction with choice of inner and outer skin material of construction, thickness, treatment colour, panel thickness, puf insulation etc. as per application requirements
  • Choice of standard AMCA tested DIDW fans in forward or backward curved impellers for optimum power consumption
  • Motors can be offered in options like standard efficiency, high efficiency or flameproof construction
  • Suitable for installation in open conditions with suitable canopy for enhanced protection
  • Blow through or suck through construction
  • Low height unit for ceiling suspended applications
  • Vertical units where floor space is constraint
  • Units with series of filters for critical applications
  • Cooling coils suitable for Chilled water / hot water applications as well as direct expansion refrigerant coils with multiple circuits. The coils can be designed for a specific conditions / applications
  • With cell deck pads and drift eliminators for evaporative cooling for positive ventilation
  • With complete electrical cum automation panel comprising of isolator, Variable frequency drive to work in open or close loop applications
  • With opposed blade volume control dampers in GI or Aluminum construction for return, supply, exhaust and fresh air requirements suitable for easy and smooth manual or automatic operation with automation package

The units have special design considerations like

  • Anodized Aluminum profiles in true thermal break design with PUF insulation in hollow sections
  • All corners, locks, handles, made from industrial grade virgin plastics
  • Easy mounting filter fixing frames
  • Base frame fabricated from M S Channel duly epoxy painted
  • Drive package with dynamically balanced taper lock pulleys and standard VEE belts
  • Motor and fan assembly mounted on suitable vibration isolators for smooth and quite operation
  • Motor mounted on slide channel for ease of belt tension adjustment
  • Drain tray fabricated out of Stainless Steel for protection against corrosion and insulated from bottom to avoid moisture condensation
  • All sections with inspection widow/access door
  • The units can be dispatched in semi knock down conditions to save cost of transportation as well as handling cost and avoid damage during transit
  • Units can be offered in various insulation material and thickness depending upon application


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