Draft Air owns the Quality Certificate according to the ISO 9001 Standard. From Design to After Sales Services, a quality assurance program ensures reliability and low cost maintenances to our customers. Our Quality Policy pursues the constant improvement and constitutes the main tool in order to satisfy.

The company necessities...

To get and maintain the required quality in its products and activities with optimal cost, observing the legal requirements and having motivated personnel with capacities and resources for its work performance.

The client necessities and expectations...

Our objective is to satisfy customer needs and supply high-quality and low-cost products, on time and according to the customer requirements. We also provide technical assistance during the whole project, from design to after sales.

Excellence is a quality of the mind, which pays attention to every minute detail at each and every stage of manufacture and execution, whereby the end product is world-class quality, every time resulting in total customer satisfaction.

Draft Air - ISO Certificate