"Great Place ! Great Team ! Keep it up."

Annush R.

"Great Experience ! Being Innovative, Being Responsible & Thinking ahead makes draftraric possible. Good Luck & Best Wishes!"

Kansishka Avumugam
Deccan Pumpsets

"It was a great experience, listening to the chairman’s story of “Raj to Riches” I really appreciate the progress of the company in a short period of 2 decades.
I am eagerly looking forward to the day when the company goes public and we could be a part of this growth story."

Sandeep Kumar
Ashoka Handloom

"At the outset, thank you for sparing your time to make me to go around the unit, but I feel that I came to a temple not to an industry. It is a feat experience. I am a strong believer of HRD, The chairman and managing director is a really HRD personality and impressing and motivating the staff in good HRD atmosphere.
Nice ambience and nice experience. There you once again for the opportunity. I wish and pray the god to industry should go high and high to your expectation."

Dr. S.Ramesh AGM
Canara bank

"I had come for some work in Ahmedabad. I had an idea to visit Draft Air. It appears now; it was not my idea, but his wish OM SATYA SAI. I am impressed by the blend of technology, management with spiritualism.
I wished I had visited earlier. I sincerely wish Draft Air team, great success. God Bless you all."

A.K. Das

"Work plan in a temple where everyone works S systematically. The systems/plan are very good plans are good. I am having confident that my client will do a very good business and flourish further.
Hard Work, Honesty and Planning are the three weapons & observed in time profession which is paying him a lot.
I wish him that almightily should give him strength to fulfill his task move effective way. Good Luck."

T.Verabhar Riddy
Divisional Manager
Canara Bank

"I really happy to see holy atmosphere here and I like to visit it again to set positivity. Good positive waves and follow Shree Sai Baba Principle is a pleasure for me. Thanks."

Joyal Shah
Rohan BRC Gas Equipment (P) Ltd.

"Excellent environment when I first enter in factory is touch with GOD “ Truly there is peace.” Great place to be stay."

Jayesh Vayas
Kotak Bank

"A Few Observation in short span of time : A well organized company is my first impression.
I foresee tremendous growth of the company in a very short span of time.
Already available intelligentsia + Passion = Successful output , of course with exact monitoring and execution perpetuality with 3 MS + MIS (Realistic)+Inputs + data Analysis with Area of concern to corrected & Non recurrence of such element will yield SURE SUCCESS."

TATA Chari Advisor ESSAR Projects Ltd.
Dabuna Site (Orissa)

"My stay in India has been exceptional through to the Panchal family. I came for join business but I found friendship to the point I fell like an extension of the family.
The family and company dedicate enthusiasm and kindness. This was a unique experience and I know we will grow together. Thank you for every thing."

John Lambert
Director International Sales
Chicago Blower Corporation, Chicago-USA

"Really very good experience by intervention with each other. While entering it looks like temple and never experienced like conducting meditation and common pooja in everyday.
Everyday person interaction also nice. Look factory premises need more focus. It will be like office particularly. Housekeeping needs more improvement and to be maintained regularly. Best wishes."

R. Lakshmanan
FL Smith