Control and Automation

Auto Control

With new developments in control & instrumentation globally, Draft-Air continuously upgrades its automation equipment like field instruments & controller with the latest software.Draft-Air Electronic Control System makes it possible to monitor, control, and record key plant operating conditions at the central point, local or remote. The result is tighter control, faster response, and more efficient overall plant operation. It ties together electronically the systems that most affect the plant operating environment, Air conditioning & Waste and dust control.

The central control system gathers and displays operating information from sophisticated electronic controllers on Air Washers & Automatic Filters. Authorized personnel can adjust these machines through the password-protected keyboard without the need for on-site inspection.

Draft-Air offers field instruments like Temperature / RH sensors, Differential Pressure switches, Differential Pressure sensor & transmitter, Actuator for controlling damper operation, 2 way & 3 way motorized valves.

The field controller is a high performance controller specially designed for HVAC systems with inbuilt display for local operation. The controller inputs & outputs can be expanded using expansion modules. It has a real time control & is very user friendly.

Central monitoring can also be added with the same controller with graphic display on large screen. Various plant parameters can be stored for periodic review with graphical representation.

Draft-Air also offers Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for power saving which is linked with the controller for precise control & energy consumption recording.

Draft-Air provides Floor standing cubicle motor control center with IP-42 protection with Siemens - L & T switchgears.


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