Air Washer System

DraftAir offerscomprehensive range of Air Washers also known as evaporative cooling system / H (Humidification) Plant,which delivers the best individual solution for process and / or comfort requirements. Our engineering and R&D team focuses on optimization of energy consumption and have createdcomplete Integrated Climate Control (ICC) solutions.

The systems are designed and developed considering all the heat sources in the conditioned area, and required humidity to be maintained constantly at desired levels. However, to control temperature during hot and humid weather, chilled water spray is required & during winter, heating may be necessary. Supply and return air system is designed considering concentration of heat load in the conditioned area to maintain uniform weather conditions as well to avoid hot zones.

Various Components of Air Washer offered by Draft-Air

Inlet Louvers/ Air Straightener/ Distribution Plate


Aerofoil designed Louvers with very low-pressure drop offers uniform supply of air at the inlet of Spray Chamber. DraftAir louvers are made from HIPS material, which offersexcellent strength with hot deep galvanized fixing frame. Access door to spray chamber is also provided in the louver screen.

Perforated galvanized sheet can also be provided as distribution plate depending upon the requirement.

Spray Chamber

Spray Chamber

The spray piping made from corrosion free, low resistance, heavy duty rigid PVC stand pipe, heavy duty galvanized pipe as main header, spray nozzles with Stainless steel orifice and clamps for quick fixing, specially arranged to ensure fine spray spectrum for highest evaporation efficiency are provided. Spray nozzles are made of virgin quality PVC for strength and are designed for self cleaning. This chamber can be provided with single or multiple banks to suit requirements. The spray chamber is also provided with backwash arrangement for cleaning the eliminators.

Hot deep galvanized frame with PVC static water filters are provided as a standard, however rotary water filter can also be provided as per requirement. Optionally a suitable size pot strainer can also be provided as an additional feature.



Draft-Air PVC Mist Eliminator offers less resistance to the air flow while eliminating the water particles from the air passing through thereby protecting the equipment's after the spray chamber. Draft-Air eliminators are made up of virgin quality PVC for getting the required strength and life.

Eliminators can also be provided with Galvanized construction upon request with different configuration.


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