Power Plants


Ventilation plays an important role in overall efficiency of Power Plants where the temperature in Turbine & boiler room is very high. Either dry or wet ventilation can be provided depending upon the site requirement.

Power generation demands the highest levels of performance and reliability. With Chicago Blower-Draft-Air fans and blowers are no exception to this, operating at peak performance. Heavy Duty Fans are used in severe applications in Power plant as Induced draft, Booster, Forced draft, Primary and Gas Recirculation fans.

Large centrifugal fan rotors store significant amounts of energy when running. If the fan is not designed and manufactured correctly, and matched with the operating conditions, the consequences for the plant operator can include excessive power consumption, noise generation, vibration and mechanical failure, resulting in a significant loss of revenue.

DraftAir provides a variety of air handling products that meet the requirements of the power generation industry. We provide fans that supply, exhaust, contain, or cool airstreams within various applications. From industrial boilers systems and specialty cooling applications to dust collection systems, our pre-engineered and custom heavy duty fans are designed by engineers with power generation applications in mind.

Typical Applications