FRP Centrifugal Fan

The versatile Chicago fiberglass reinforced plastic(FRP) fan is offered in all three impeller designs and in sizes to fit all commonly used duct diameters. While arrangement 9 is considered standard, arrangements 1,4, and 8 are available on most series and sizes to better suit the specific installation. In addition to a multitude of standard models, custom Chicago fans can be fabricated to meet unique requirements, including alternate plastic resin formulations and exotic metal high-pressure impellers.


From steel mills to chemical processing to emissions control, todays industrial air moving and exhausting systems must withstand a growing variety of severe corrosives. Chicago Blower's fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) fans are built to handle these harsh fumes, vapors, and gases. This fiberglass polyester composition is also impervious to extreme outside environments. Exterior steel components are protected by a special vinyl phenolic coating.

Operating range

Maximum CFM 102,000
Maximum Static Pressure 28" wg
Maximum Temperature 180 degree Celcius
Fan Sizes 9" to 70"


  • Centrifugal fans offer backward inclined, radial blade and radial tip wheel designs
  • Smooth FRP resin reduces friction and minimizes solids build-up.
  • Fiberglass polyester composition impervious to extreme outside environments
  • Performance data is the result of testing in accordance with AMCA standard test codes.


  • Coat fan base
  • Flanged outlet
  • Drain
  • Belt guard
  • Motor and drive canopy
  • Flex connector
  • A/9 Motor and drive mounting
  • Flanged inlet
  • Flanged gasket
  • Access door
  • Shaft seal
  • Transition
  • Spark resistant construction

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