IAF Industrial Airfoil

The IAF is recognized for heavy duty construction. Housings are strongly braced to resist high pressure movement. Shafts and bearings are sized for belt drive duty and provide years of uninterrupted life. Split pillow block roller bearings are standard on all IAF fans. Wheels are dynamically balanced for smoother running. Deep spun inlet cones guide the air into the wheel and over its hollow airfoil shaped blades, providing maximum efficiency and minimum sound levels. Static efficiencies exceed 80%, reducing the energy needed to move each cubic foot of air.


The IAF is a Chicago Industrial Airfoil Fan with proven performance and proven reliability through twenty years and hundreds of installations. Engineers and users enthusiastically specify the IAF for many high pressure applications, such as supply air, combustion air, product cooling and drying.

Operating range

Maximum CFM 130,000
Maximum Static Pressure 30" wg
Maximum Temperature 800 degree Celcius
Fan Sizes 27" to 66"


  • Streamlined inlet flanged outlet
  • Oversized shaft and bearings
  • Welded steel housing
  • Belt drive horsepowers to over 600


  • Split housing
  • Bolt-on inlet box
  • Inlet volume control
  • Shaft guard
  • Inlet sleeve
  • Shaft seal
  • Pre-spin inlet box damper
  • Access door
  • Drain
  • Inlet screen
  • Shaft cooler and guard
  • Flanged inlet
  • D/6105 single surface backward curved bladed wheel
  • Mounted belt guard

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