Design 70 High Efficiency Plug Fan

The Design 70 wheel was developed for open wheel installations and utilizes a solid, single surface airfoil blade to provide Chicago's Plug Fan with one of the industry's highest efficiencies. With reduced horsepower requirements, energy savings are significant, up to 84% efficient. Although the Design 70 Plug Fan has ambient air applications, it is typically utilized for temperatures up to 1000 degree F. For higher temperatures consult the factory. Sound levels are generally low over the entire performance range.


Chicago's new compact Design 70 Plug Fan is designed for high temperatures to 1000 degree F, typically ovens, kilns, and dryers, anywhere air streams need to be recirculated.

Operating range

Maximum CFM 156,000
Maximum Static Pressure 20" wg
Maximum Temperature 1000 degree Celcius
Fan Sizes 12" to 60"


  • High Temperature Construction
  • Insulated Plug Panels
  • Integral Inlet Cone Assembly
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • AMCA Spark Resistant Construction


  • Housings
  • Shaft Seal
  • Extended Lubrication Lines
  • Safety Guards
  • Shaft Cooler

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