SQL Airfoil Centrifugal

The SQA is Chicago's most popular fan because it fulfills most commercial, and general industrial air moving needs. With its airfoil wheel and square housing design, the SQA is efficient, economical and versatile. It is also quickly available through Chicago's Stock Fan program. "Packaged" fans, those furnished with motor, V-belt drive, belt guard and other options, are factory aligned, run tested and shipped ready to install. By eliminating jobsite assembly, the packaged SQA fan can substantially reduce overall installation cost.


Any supply air or clean exhaust application is ideal for Chicago's SQA airfoil fan. For dirty air or dusty air, the SQB version with backward inclined blades is recommended. The SQA is also suited for high temperature gasses and air as well as for air conveying applications.

Operating range

Maximum CFM 55,000
Maximum Static Pressure 15" wg
Maximum Temperature 650 degree Celcius
Fan Sizes 8-3/4" to 44-1/2"


  • Adjustable discharge positions
  • Flanged outlet
  • Precision shafts
  • Four-way gusset
  • AMCA certified performance
  • Rugged steel housing
  • Removable bearing brackets
  • Adjustable motor base
  • Hyperbolic spun steel wheel cone


  • Inlet volume control
  • Punched flanged outlet
  • Access door
  • Shaft and bearing guard
  • Belt guard
  • High temperature shaft cooler
  • Spark resistant construction
  • Base rails (Type "T")
  • Flanged or slip fit inlet
  • Housing drain
  • Plug type access door
  • Extended grease fittings
  • Shaft seal
  • Inlet screen
  • Unitary base
  • Outlet damper

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