Textile Plants

DraftAir Corporation provides a wide variety of pre-engineered and custom heavy duty fans and blowers for the textile manufacturing industry around the world. Applications from air strippers and air washing processes to pneumatic conveying, our fans are designed and manufactured to provide long lasting durability for the textile industry.

For the production of high-quality yarns and fabrics, the compliance of exactly defined process parameters is a must. The hygroscopic characteristics of the fibers are modifying tear strength and elongation of the yarns. Therefore, quality and production efficiency are considerably defined by the air conditions existing in the processing zone.

DraftAir offers individual ICC (Integrated Climate Control) & IWM (Integrated Waste Management) solutions for different demands on air conditions, air distribution, cleaning and waste handling in the whole production line, starting from blow room up to finishing.



New machine technologies and certainly the processing of different types of fibers and raw material require individually suited air engineering concepts in the fiber preparation area. An important criterion is the creation of necessary air conditions for the respective raw materials or processing stages, as well as the separation, disposal and recycling of different types of fibers and dust. We meet the pinpointed requirements because of:

  • Our specialists' know-how in textile engineering, who gained experience fromuncounted textile projects in almost 50 years
  • The permanent process optimization
  • Continuous further development of our products
  • close cooperation with textile machinery manufacturers

The IWM plant is of prime importance in the view:

  • Reduction of raw material costs by recycling of good fibers for admixture to the production line used as a secondary raw material or primary waste for nonwoven and paper industry
  • Maintenance of constant and optimal production conditions at the machines
  • Improvement of product quality
  • Reduction of dust, fiber and lint flow in the production area



Air conditioning and dust removal of the machines is extremely important in the weaving mill. DRAFTAIR has developed Loom air conditioning in addition to pure room air conditioning. Loom cooling is especially suited to create high rates of relative humidity in the processing zone. A certain percentage of the air volume is directly blown in, so that the high air humidity required can be adhered at warp and weft, whereas a lower humidity rate is prevailing in the production area. That's why the total air volume of the air conditioning system will be reduced and operating expenses will be decreased.



For better efficiency of the machines, dust & fly in the environment has to be minimum, Draft-Air designs & supplies the air conditioning system to suit the requirement. For Warp Knitting Draft-Air's designs the system air conditioning system with chillers.


Process House requires proper ventilation & exhaust systems, depending upon the outside conditions either wet or dry ventilation system can be designed.



Increasing the efficiency of workers in a Garmenting Unit requires comfortable environment for the workers, suitable ventilation or air conditioning systems are designed to meet the requirement.

Nonwoen & Technical Textiles

Depending upon the product manufactured suitable ventilation, air conditioning & filtration systems are designed & supplied. For hygienic products special filters & clean room systems can also be provided.

Typical Applications