These industries are large users of centrifugal and axial fans. From the large combustion air and kiln fans, to the smallest air slide blowers; Chicago Blower offers a complete package. The clinker cooler and pneumatic conveying fans are extra heavy-duty abrasion-resistant fans which require extra attention to bearing life calculations. Speed controls are recommended where possible. Conventional fan dampers are available with abrasion-resistant features for these applications. Various dust collector designs are used with either clean-air or material-handling fans. Various materials are used depending upon the application & the type of wear & tear.

DraftAir's extensive design and engineering capabilities allow us to provide a wide array of fans for several applications within the cement manufacturing industry. Fans are required for the refinement and blending of materials in pneumatic conveying systems as well as exhausting fans for transporting and removing of materials. Our pre-engineered and custom heavy duty fans are depended on to control the harsh environments of the cement manufacturing industry.

Typical Applications