Design 47 Adjustable Pitch Vane Axial Fan


Chicago's Design 47 Vane Axial Adjustable Pitch Fans are used in applications where demands vary with system or seasonal change. Blade pitch is manually set to increase or decrease performance. Blades are easily adjustable externally at the hub. Available in compact direct drive models.

Operating range

Maximum CFM 250,000
Maximum Static Pressure 15" wg
Maximum Temperature 150 degree Celcius
Fan Sizes 16-1/2" to 81-1/8"


  • Vary volume and pressure by manually resetting blade angle
  • Stable air flow over entire performance range
  • Compact direct drive configuration
  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • High Efficiency airfoil bladed wheel
  • Efficiencies over 80%
  • Rugged industrial strength construction
  • AMCA Certified for air and sound performance


  • Streamlined spun inlet bells
  • Wire guard screens
  • Horizontal mounting lugs
  • Companion angle rings
  • Spool piece
  • Vibration monitor switch
  • Inlet or outlet cones
  • Mounting feet
  • Vertical mounting lugs
  • Access door in cone
  • Casing extension

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