Ventilation and Pressurisation

Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems are used for providing enough air circulation in the working area for the comfort of the people.

The system can be of 2 types. One is Dry Ventilation system where there is no cooling done, only outside filtered air pump into the area. In many cases such type of systems are installed for pressurizing the area. The ventilator can be with cooling. Here, outside air is cooled before it's delivered into the air. Cooling can be done either with evaporative cooling system with conventional spray type system or with Celdec type cooling pads.

In both the above applications proper exhaust is necessary. The exhaust can be natural through doors and windows or it can be mechanical exhaust through ducts and fans. Sometimes Roof ventilators are also installed for taking away the heat of the department.

Pressurization Systems

Pressurization systems are installed for pressuring the enclosed space to keep the slightly higher pressure than that in the adjacent area. This is done to avoid inward leakages of the air/smoke/gases from adjacent area to the enclosed area. In such type of application normally all the doors and windows are kept closed. When any door is opened for either entry of workers or materials, as the inside pressure is high, the inside air will tend to go out and no outside air will ingress into the enclosed area.

The system consists of

  • Supply of filtered air in the enclosed area
  • Pressure relief system to avoid over pressure in the department then the designed one
  • System is applicable to Electrical Rooms, Pharmaceutical Blocks, Air Conditioned areas, CNC Machine shops, Engine Assembly areas, Lift machine rooms, Compressor rooms, Stair-case, Annular space of the stake.